About - ShorelineAngel

Greetings from Shoreline Angel!

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about myself and my work! My name is Ashley Ogden and I am the owner, creator and artist behind Shoreline Angel. Before starting Shoreline Angel in 2016, I was an elementary school teacher with a true passion for history and art. I was fortunate enough to further pursue my dream when I was accepted into the University of Edinburgh's College of Art located in Edinburgh, Scotland. During my time living abroad, I not only received my MSc in Renaissance & Early Modern History of Art but I also fell in love...twice! Once with my wonderful Scottish husband, and Shoreline Angel co-founder, Jamie and the other with the bountiful beauty of Scottish seaside towns and shorelines!

Jamie and I have always felt that our home, heart and happy place was near the shoreline. We spent much of our lives wandering the endless shores of beaches, lakes, and rivers, and taking in all the natural splendor.

So Just How Did Shoreline Angel Begin?

It was on the rocky shores just outside Edinburgh that I discovered my first few pieces of genuine sea glass. I of course had heard about sea glass but nothing compared to holding those perfectly frosted nuggets in my hand, knowing that it was shrouded in history. I was captivated!

From that moment on, I devoted all my spare time to researching the origins of turn-of-the-century bottleworks factories, identifying glass colors, patterns and shapes and of course I continued collecting! Over the next few years I began training in metalsmithing and honing my design aesthetic. Shoreline Angel was officially launched in the UK in 2016 and have since relocated to my home state of Florida.

I strive not only to make beautiful jewelry that will last a lifetime but also to awaken and preserve an appreciation for the history behind each piece as many of the pieces in our collection, including our sea pottery, likely date as far back as the early 19th century.

Much of my work draws inspiration from the brilliant array of colors, wildlife and plants found around me. From sandy shores with tumbling waves to wooded treelines and rocky banks everyday along the shoreline offers a new pallet of artistic possibilities!